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Accessibility Audits

Audits for accessibility provide insights if the already build product conforms to the global standard WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

This is often already too late as the product has been build already, but there are various motivations for desiring an audit, like:

  1. Ensuring adherence to standards during the launch planning process.
  2. Enhancing customer experiences to achieve business goals.
  3. Evaluating the potential risks associated with legal actions.
  4. Evaluating the usability of your digital tools for your employees who work remotely.

Although we believe audits are more a necessity than a fix for creating accessible products, customer experience is of utmost importance and the key factor in ensuring accessibility.

While compliance with standards required by the European Accessibility Act (EAA), the Web Accessibility Directive (WAD), Section 508, and more, is essential, it is just one aspect of accessibility. We understand the challenges faced by businesses, which is why our audit reports and discussions not only highlight areas of improvement but also provide advice on prioritizing fixes.

This approach aims to maximize customer experience while minimizing legal risks.

Accessibility Audit spreadsheet

Three kind of Audits

Over the years we’ve gained insights to provide accessibility audits.
Our extensive experience has enabled us to create three distinct types of audits.

Live Audits

Two hands on keyboard of laptop showing a shopping site

A two half-days remote interactive session where an accessibility expert evaluates the usability of your digital product, campaign, or tool.

Our expert collaborates with your team to understand the unique experiences of individuals with disabilities during the key user journey(s) of the product.

This session facilitates learning and open discussions while identifying and addressing accessibility issues.

Quick Audits

Man with headphones and text "WCAG" showing in background

Conducting a concise evaluation of the most important flows on your website or application

We will provide a short assessment highlighting critical issues where they align with or deviate from the WCAG 2.1/2.0 AA guidelines.

Additionally, we will furnish you with the reasons and actions to resolve or justify the issues.

Full Audits

Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of a predetermined set of pages on your website or application

We will provide a detailed assessment highlighting areas where they align with or deviate from the WCAG 2.1/2.0 AA guidelines.

Additionally, we will furnish you with a prioritized action plan aimed at resolving any identified issues and enhancing compliance.

Directing Accessibility Maturity

Over the past two decades the world has seen an increasingly digitalised society. Now, about 40% of people are not able to participate and enjoy on an equal basis, or not at all, leaving them behind.

What if I tell you together we can bridge the gaps for inclusiveness and accessibility.

The figures haven’t improved much in the last decade, do you have any idea why?

Amongst many reasons this is happening is a consistent lack of quality in awareness, knowledge, skills, communication, designs, websites, apps, and marketing.

Man bridging the gap by climbing a large ladder between mountains

We assist in the development of
your accessibility plan

“We recommend that organizations avoid creating their own plan for audits, training, and tools and then searching for assistance.

Based on our professional experience we can help develop the plan starting with a benchmark.

The WHY behind the plan providing evidence to support the underlying rationale.”

Jake Abma
Founder and CPO