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Our maturity methodology to become an inclusive organization

Starting from scratch or revising existing approach, we provide guidance and mentoring to help you change your organization to become more inclusive and accessible through:

  1. Organizational Awareness
  2. Accessibility Benefits
  3. Gap-Analysis
  4. Strategy
  5. Change Management
  6. Maturity Progress

We help organizational processes and cultures to grow organically in inclusive principles and foster a user-first mindset with the underlying process standards EN 17161 and ISO 30071-1, helping to comply with e.g.; the European Accessibility Act (EAA), the Web Accessibility Directive (WAD), Section 508, and more.

You’re in charge, we guide!

Max Methodology: Awareness, Benefits, Gap-Analysis, Strategy, Change, Maturity

Accessibility Awareness & Benefits

Create highly conscious, sensible workplace

Organizational Awareness Cycle
  1. Grasp understanding and barriers you encounter in the organization.
  2. Operational gains and applied comprehension through insights and expanding thinking.
  3. Embedding changes for processes and employees with focus on ‘shift-left principles’ and tools.

Underlining the 6 Business Cases

Key Benefits Cycle
  1. Sets a strong foundation for understanding organizational impact and importance.
  2. Underscores the tangible organizational advantage prioritizing integrity and customer satisfaction.
  3. Strategic edge gained through forward-thinking initiatives and market differentiation.

Organizational Accessibility Awareness

Being aware of the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly and how they use digital products is a good start to becoming more inclusive.

But what does that mean for your organization? What benefits and insights do you need to gain? Who and how should employees be involved? And what changes do you need to implement to transform successfully?

What are the organizational challenges?

The fundamental themes of accessibility awareness remain unchanged:

  1. Grasp Understanding and Barriers you encounter
  2. Operational Gains and Applied Comprehension
  3. Embedding Changes for Processes and Employees
A young businessman is holding a whiteboard showing the text “How to Gain Organizational Awareness”.

Gap-Analysis & Strategy

Underlining the Why, How, and What of a Gap-Analysis

Gap-Analysis Cycle
  1. Offers a distinct rationale for accessibility and outlines the necessary steps to fully integrate it.
  2. Transforms from a mere pastime to an integral part of the organization’s core values.
  3. Facilitates the acquisition of the necessary funds to present the plan to the board for financial support.

Underlying strategic enhancement for maturity efficiently

Strategy Cycle
  1. Understand and improve the current status of your processes related to accessibility and inclusivity.
  2. Identifying organizational goals and future opportunities creating a strategic plan for your organization.
  3. Providing a critical eye and expert know-how for creating and maintaining the strategic planning process.

Master Cheffing Digital Accessibility

As a Michelin-starred meal delights the senses, digital accessibility enhances user experiences. Including but not limited to access for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and text alternatives.

“Acknowledging the importance of accessibility in the digital age can be compared with highlighting the artistry that goes into an exceptional Michelin dinner.”

Both endeavors share the same goal: to offer an exceptional and fulfilling experience, be it in the world of fine dining or the boundless realm of digital interaction.

Improving Digital Accessibility is like preparing a 3-star Michelin diner

Change Management & Maturity

Underlining the Why, How, and What of a Gap-Analysis

Change Management Cycle
  1. Form a large volunteer army from up, down, and across the organization to be the change engine.
  2. Function in a network flexibly and agilely outside of, but in conjunction with, a traditional hierarchy.
  3. Constantly spark individuals, identify desires to make a meaningful impact, and provide them the opportunity to lead.

Underlying strategic enhancement for maturity efficiently

Maturity Cycle
  1. Dashboard with the overall maturity score and subscores for conformance of standards EN 17161 and ISO 30071-1.
  2. Collect and monitor efforts to provide the insight you need as an organization.
  3. Based on a solid methodology with associated toolbox to work on the organization’s maturity in accessibility and inclusion.

Accessibility Change Management

Recognizing the necessity for accessibility change is one thing, but knowing how to effectively implement it is another challenge altogether. Where does one begin? Who should be involved? How can it be successfully executed from start to finish?

“Your organization benefits from an unparalleled level of preparedness to become more accessible throughout the workforce.”

In today’s world change has become the norm rather than the exception. The ever-evolving nature of our society, driven by new initiatives, project-based work, technological advancements, and the need to stay ahead of competition, continuously shapes the way we operate.

A bent-over person with a large block of stone on his back where a huge hand helps him to reduce the burden.

We assist in the development of your accessibility plan

“We recommend that organizations avoid creating their own plan for audits, training, and tools and then searching for assistance.

Based on our professional experience we can help develop the plan starting with a benchmark.

The WHY behind the plan providing evidence to support the underlying rationale.”

Jake Abma
Founder and CPO