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Funka Academy offers a comprehensive range of digital accessibility learning and development, including on-demand courses , and live course sessions .

We also provide bespoke training solutions for individual client needs. Funka Academy is a forerunner in EdTech – we use the latest technology including AI to ensure teaching and learning quality.

Our flexible approach means that you can actively participate in class, wherever you are located.

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Short courses that build competence – in two steps

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Funka offers a wide range of courses for individuals, companies, organisations and public bodies. Our two-step course model is unique.

Step 1: Get the basics with an on-demand course that you can access the same day you order it.

Course packages for roles and functions

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Funka offers tailored accessibility course packages designed for various professional roles and functions.

Each package includes a curated selection of courses to enhance skills specific to your role. Begin your skills development today and enhance

Certification IAAP – Preparatory courses

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We offer preparatory courses for those who are planning to certify with The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) .

Our training content address the knowledge and skills included in the IAAP exams overview content outline.

Customised training for organisations

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Do you want to increase your competitiveness by becoming better at digital accessibility?

Funka Academy has comprehensive solutions for modern companies and organisations that see skills development as an obvious means of achieving business or operational goals.

We help organizations


Comprehending the current status of your organization’s culture and processes through an evaluation of the relative performance in delivering inclusive and accessible products and services.

Maturity Progress

It is insufficient to make individual products in an organizational silo accessible. It is of critical importance that an organization establish repeatable internal processes and methods.

Accessibility Audits

Audits for accessibility provide insights if the already build product conforms to the global standard WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

We assist in the development of
your accessibility plan

“We recommend that organizations avoid creating their own plan for audits, training, and tools and then searching for assistance.

Based on our professional experience we can help develop the plan starting with a benchmark.

The WHY behind the plan providing evidence to support the underlying rationale.”

Jake Abma
Founder and CPO